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Maroua successfully defended her doctoral thesis:
“Comparative analysis of the drought stress response across the Arabidopsis genus”.

Committee: Juliette de Meaux & Ute Hoecker
Chair: Wolfgang Werr

We wish you the best to all your future endeavors!

Hannes successfully defended his doctoral thesis with title:
“Evolutionary processes shaping natural variation in two Brassicaceae species”

Committee: Juliette de Meaux & Thomas Wiehe
Chair: Hartmut Arndt

We wish you the best to all your future endeavors!

  1. Glander et al. show that immunity and life-span strategies evolve in natural populations of A. thaliana (
  2. Göbel et al. found robust transposable element regulation and no evidence of a genomic shock in interspecific Arabidopsis hybrids (
  3. Dittberner et al. found evidence that natural variation of stomata size conributes to local adaptation to drought in A. thaliana. (

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We want to congratulate Benedict Wieters for successfully defending his Master thesis with the topic: 

"Regional differentiation of Arabidopsis thaliana growth across diverse light environments"

Congratulations Bene!