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Julia Haagen successfully defended her bachelor thesis:

"Drought stress reaction in the backcross population between A. lyrata and A. halleri"


We wish you all the best for you future studies, Julia!

Margarita is leaving our group after more than four years of doing research together. She is moving to the United States to work as a PostDoc at Pennsylvania State Universtiy.

Good luck and all the best, Margarita! We enjoyed having you with us for so long.

Welcome to our new PhD student Abdul Saboor Khan. He started his PhD in the beginning of October and will investigate the role of small RNAs in stress responses of Arabis species.

Sofia El Hanafi successfully completed her bachelor project with us. With the help of diverse methods, Sofia was working on the identification of variance in flowering time genes in a local Cologne population. She will now start her Master's degree in Genetics at the University Paris-Diderot (Paris, France).

It was nice having you with us, Sofia! We wish you all the best!

Welcome to our new PostDoc Irina Ćalić. She is going to work with us on the evolution of gene regulation and polygenic adaptation.

We are excited to work with you, Irina!

Bene successfully defended his doctoral thesis:
“Polygenic architecture of growth rate in Arabidopsis thaliana”.

Committee: Juliette de Meaux & Tobias Bollenbach
Chair: Thomas Wiehe


We wish you all the best to your future endeavors, Bene!

We want to congratulate Franziska for successfully defending her bachelor thesis:
“The impact or RPOTmp on growth plasticity to light intensity in Arabidopsis thaliana”.

We wish you all the best for your future studies, Franziska!


Margarita successfully defended her doctoral thesis:
“Polygenic basis of local adaptation in A.lyrata”.

Committee: Juliette de Meaux & Michael Nothnagel
Chair: Thomas Wiehe


Margarita is staying with our group for more months and we are excited to continue working with her.

We wish you all the best to your future endeavors, Margarita!


We have new projects available for Master students. See Positions for mor information.

Maroua successfully defended her doctoral thesis:
“Comparative analysis of the drought stress response across the Arabidopsis genus”.

Committee: Juliette de Meaux & Ute Hoecker
Chair: Wolfgang Werr

We wish you the best to all your future endeavors!