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AG de Meaux


Our research seeks to reconstruct the recent history of adaptive molecular variation in plant systems. In other terms, we aim at dissecting the molecular mechanisms of Darwinian evolution in complex natural systems. We work with the weedy annual and model plant species Arabidopsis thaliana and its close relatives A. lyrata and A. halleri. Our work focuses on understanding links between life history strategies and fitness. We further intend to develop new methods to track the action of natural selection at the molecular level.


My group welcomes, supports, and celebrates the diversity of our students and colleagues. I am aware of the hurdles and difficulties to which those, who are not regarded as the norm, are exposed to, on a daily basis, in their studies and in their ability to pursue their dreams. With my group, we aspire to help break down these barriers. 
We believe that all those, who are interested in Plant Molecular Ecology and Evolution, should be allowed to excel in our group. As a PI, I am committed to listen to the experience of minority members, to critically examine tendencies to stereotype, to combat all racist or exclusionary behaviors, and to consider all ways to support students and colleagues exposed to societal perception biases and discrimination. My door is open, whenever you need support, guidance, encouragement or sponsoring.